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Prevent Breast Cancer! Ditch the Bra!

Our Mission

Educate the public


Spread the word about how breast cancer is caused by bras.

Encourage women to join the International Bra-Free Study.

Educate Cancer Authorities


Correct misinformation about bras and breast cancer. 

Encourage further research into the bra-cancer link.

Educate the Media


Let media know that the bra-cancer link is not a "myth".

Encourage reporting into the bra-cancer link.

About Us


We are pioneers of the new field of Applied Medical Anthropology. We examine the cultural causes of disease, and warn the public about avoidable hazards in order to prevent disease.


We are the first researchers ever to conduct a study into the link between breast cancer and bras. Our work has led to numerous studies internationally which show wearing tight bras causes cancer, and there are now many newly designed, safer bras based on our research.


Do your own "self study" by changing your lifestyle and seeing the impact on your own health. That's why we encourage women to Join the International Bra-Free Study