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Prevent Breast Cancer! Ditch the Bra!

International Bra-Free Study



Here are some facts about the study. You can see more at our study website.

The only requirement for this study is that you stop wearing bras. The goal is to make sure that your breasts are not constricted in any way. 

This Study is meant to do two things.

First, it is meant to help you discover if your bra is causing any breast health problems. Some women experience breast pain and cysts, and when they stop wearing bras these go away. Other women don’t realize that their breasts are being harmed by bras, but when they stop wearing bras their breasts feel healthier.

Many women report that their breasts lift and tone once they stop wearing bras. They also say that they can breathe easier, and that they feel better about themselves.

So a main purpose of this Study is to help you discover for yourself, on yourself, whether you bra is harming your breasts, and the health benefits of allowing your breasts to be unrestricted by a bra.

Second, this Study will be the world’s first group of bra-free women for research into the bra- cancer link, allowing us to compare the breast health of this group to bra-users. We will be asking some questions about your breast health to document what you experience being bra- free, and we may make this group available for other researchers to study, as well.

All information will be kept strictly confidential, and any sharing of your information with other researchers will first require your written approval.

What are the benefits of joining the Study?

The biggest benefit is that you will feel awesome! Being bra-free has been transformative for many women, both in improved health and improved self-esteem. You will also make history by being part of this groundbreaking study. And since numerous studies show that bras cause breast cancer, you will be taking a major step in preventing this disease.

Is there any cost to joining?

The Bra-Free Study is free to join. We are funded by the Good Shepherd Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to helping women prevent breast cancer.

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is agree to not wear a bra or any garment that constrict your breasts in any way. We will keep in contact with you by email so we can measure your progress and answer any questions you may have.

How will I know if being bra-free is improving my breast health?

Your body will feel the difference. Most women feel improved breast health within weeks, if not days. You should expect to feel a difference by one month. A few women report that, at first, they feel discomfort without a bra. However, this goes away as the breasts decongest from excess fluid. Having pain without a bra is usually a sign of bra-caused problems. So give it time. If you are concerned with any breast pain, however, consult your healthcare provider.

Can large-breasted women benefit from being bra-free, or is this just for small-breasted women?

Nobody “needs” a bra, regardless of breast size. The bra has no medical benefits, and is purely a fashion accessory. All women can benefit from this Study. There is nothing about large breasts that require bras for “support". The human female body was designed to support breasts of all sizes without the need for 20th Century lingerie for assistance. In bra-free cultures there are large-breasted women with healthy breasts, and low rates of breast cancer.

How long will this study last?

This is a long-term, open-ended study. We hope you will stay in the study for at least 5 years.

What can I wear?

You can wear anything that is not tight, including bralettes, camisoles, t-shirts, or a loose sports bra. Avoid tight sports bras and any body shaping tops. Anything that shapes your breasts also applies pressure and should be avoided.

If a bra or any garment leaves red marks or indentations in your skin, then it is too tight.

What if I need to wear a bra for some special occasion?

While the goal is to have a group that is completely bra-free, we realize that there are times when you may choose to wear a bra. Just make sure that you take it off as soon as possible, and that it is not too tight. We also ask that you make a note of each time you wear a bra and for how long you wore it. We would like to keep participants as bra-free as possible.

What about wearing a sports bra for exercising?

Wearing a sports bra while exercising is fine, so long as it is not too tight. Take it off immediately after you stop exercising. Try to do activities without a bra, since this can strengthen the breasts. If you have large breasts, try activities like swimming, biking, and yoga, which are easy on the breasts.

Will the Study contact me for further information about my progress/experience in the Study?

Yes. Every month we will be emailing you some brief questions to see how you are doing.

Will you share my name or personal information with anyone?

Your name and personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Names of participants will not be shared with anyone, including other participants. If any other researchers want to involve you or use your Bra-Free Study results in another study where they need bra-free women, we will first ask you for your written approval.

Will there be a support group to get advice and encouragement from other bra-free women?

Yes. We have linked to the Facebook group called Free the Boobies, which is a forum for bra- free women to share their experiences and encourage one another.

What if I have questions about the study or about being bra-free?

We invite you to ask us any questions you have, and we may include the answer in our blog at BraFreeStudy.com. You can contact us at info@BraFreeStudy.com.

Is this Study a substitute for regular medical care?

No. You should continue to discuss your breast health with your healthcare provider.

Can I take any other precautions to prevent breast cancer while in the Study?

There are other things you can do to reduce your risk. All we ask is that you let us know what you are doing so we can have that reflected in your record. Ideally, the only thing you change in your lifestyle is no longer wearing bras. However, you are free to do whatever you want.

What if I want to leave the Study?

No problem. Just let us know in an email and we will take you out of the Study.

How do I join?

Just fill out the form below. We will follow up with email instructions.

Join the Study!

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